Add 1 cup of Flavour Concentrate to cover the bottom of a glass.


Add 6 cups of ice cold still or sparkling water.


Drink and enjoy!

With a 6 : 1 dilution ratio, 1L of Mi-Tee makes approximately 7L! 

Other ways to use Mi-Tee:

Slushy, Cocktail Mix, Soda Drink, Tea Mix, Fruit Punch, Ice Cream Toppings, Snow Cone, etc.

Refreshing Flavour Concentrate

Mi-Tee’s flavour concentrate are most commonly used as cocktail mix, drink mix or slushy. Our products come in concentrated form, bottled in 1L format, with three of the most popular flavours that fits into the Canadian culture: Cherry, Lime, and Orange.

Dilute 6:1

With a recommended mixing ratio of 6 Water : 1 Concentrate, you can make more with less! A 1L Mi-Tee’s product can make 7 Litres!

Made in Manitoba, Canada

Proudly made in Ile des Chenes, Manitoba, Canada! Our products are made with high quality raw ingredients sourced from local Canadian brand.

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